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Don't navigate transitions alone. Let our referral service of Independence Navigators be your guide. We bring care and expertise to make the path forward more transparent and more manageable. Take the first step and explore how Independence Navigators can support you in sustaining a fulfilling and independent lifestyle with the utmost care and professionalism.

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Independence Navigators

Welcome to Independence Navigators, where we recognize the importance of navigating life's transitions with compassion and respect for your unique journey. The pathway we embark on together will require support in various areas that are essential during times of change. One fundamental question that often arises is: Where will I live?

In addition to our empathetic and dedicated commitment to assisting in this matter, there are other aspects that may also be vital. We have the ability to connect you with reputable resources that could further support you on your journey.

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Home Maintenance and Adaptation

• Handyman services for home repairs and safety enhancements, such as installing ramps and safety rails.

• Technology solutions to assist with daily living and health monitoring, supporting those with memory care needs.

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Personal Belonging Management:

• Assistance with organizing, downsizing, and managing belongings after losing a spouse.

• Coordinate estate sales and facilitate donations to honor the memory of a loved one.

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Real Estate Services:

  • Professional & empathetic support in managing real estate transition due to changing health needs or following the loss of a partner.
  • Guidance in finding new living arrangements, including memory care facilities and other senior-friendly housing.
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Financial Planning:

We introduce you to financial resources to cover long-term care, including memory care scenarios and other health complications.

Estate planning to ensure financial stability and fulfillment of the deceased partner’s wishes.

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Health Navigation:

Introduction to professional sources that will coordinate comprehensive health care plans, including in-home care and transitions to specialized facilities.

Individuals and businesses that provide customized healthcare strategies to accommodate progressive memory loss or other significant health conditions.

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Insurance Guidance:

In-depth analysis of Medicare, supplemental, and long-term care insurance options to support extensive health care needs.

Advice on adjusting insurance plans to cover services like memory

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Aging in Place Support:

I am tailoring environments to support independent living with considerations for cognitive decline and physical health needs.

We are establishing support systems and community connections to enhance daily living.

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Estate and Legacy Planning:

Comprehensive legacy planning, including directives for memory care and honoring late spouses through charitable acts.

Legal and financial guidance to manage estates and fulfill end-of-life care preferences.

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Decision-Making and Timing Support:

Expert advice on the optimal timing for significant life changes, considering health trends and personal circumstances.

Educational resources and counseling to help clients and families make informed decisions about complex health care needs and living arrangements.

What our customers are saying

Independence Navigators offers a holistic approach that respects the dignity and independence of those going through life transitions of any kind. Whether it’s seniors or those of other ages we are here integrating hands-on support for home living, specialized health care planning, and empathetic estate management. We specialize in adapting our services to the evolving needs of our clients, ensuring they feel supported, valued, and understood through every stage of their life transitions. Our services are not one-size-fits-all but personalized and tailored to each individual, making them feel understood and cared for.

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